Shame on Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne this Christmas in Sussex

Hero360 Project is making sure that LGBTIQ+ persons are enlightened to underhand policing practices in England as seen in London & Sussex.

These policing practices are taking place under the Crime & Disorder Act and without caution or charge by the police or any other authority being indexed for Substance Mis-Use.

Individuals without knowing are absorbed into CDRP (Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships) and CSP (Community Safety Partnerships)

What is a CDRP (Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships) or CSP (Community Safety Partnerships)?

CDRP Partnerships in law are normally larger, sometimes multi-national digital AI Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) platforms. They hi-jack a person’s entire digital life. This alone, when placed on a good brain, can drive a person to self-destruction without knowing what they have been subjected to. Cambridge Analytica was exposed some time ago, there are still thousands of these companies.

In England, AI platforms are finely tuned combating substance-misuse and are protected in law as vito from Freedom of Information as it is not deemed in the public interest to disclose information in the “War on Drugs” regardless of the human rights abuse of indexed individuals.

More localised are Community Safety Partnerships that more face to face interventions. Indexed recreational drug users will experience unrealistic, unreasonable, traumatic actions from strangers or even their community including neighbours or loved ones who are wrongly informed to think they are doing the right thing, they are actually causing more trauma and self-harm to that person. Most of the people that participate in these partnerships are community “do-gooders” who should refuse to participate, instructed by people that are community ideologists first and foremost with their forthright “action” groups backed by the council and police.

Our Police, NHS, and Council are now ignoring the fundamental human values of honesty and transparency with citizens over recreational drug use. Hardly a good recipe for trust within the community or for life values for that matter.

looks normal? Can you spot the enforced private developer’s platform coding blunder above?

Unspoken digital surveillance by “Community Safety Partnership” interventions have the potential to destroy the lives of good decent people, some ending in suicide. This bad parliamentary policy is rotten to the core and exposes the victims (recreational drug users) to eventually lose their self-worth, be tortured and humiliated and potentially their lives.

It’s a narcissist and arguably a sadist partnership is in law “For the benefit of the wider community”.

Here’s how it works legally for recreational drug users:

  1. Firstly we have the Crime and Disorder Act 1998
  2. You’ll then fall under: The Crime and Disorder (Formulation and Implementation of Strategy) Regulations 2007 Take note on the last page “Section 5 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 (“the 1998 Act”) gives certain public authorities in local government areas functions relating to the reduction of crime and disorder and the combating of crime. Collectively these authorities are known as Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships (CDRPs)”
  3. There was an amendment to this Crime and Disorder Act in 2012 with again, the special reference to substance on the last page of the legislation. The Crime and Disorder Regulations 2012 amendment
  4. Under this 2007 law and 2012 amendment, you’ll lose some of your Human Rights (but not be told)
  5. In particular, you’ll lose your right to a private personal and family life under Article 8. You’ll lose most of your other human rights.
  6. In most cases, multiple CDRP’s will be assigned to monitor your behaviours, your CDRP drug dealer, locations and dating apps.
  7. Bureaucracy with the help of community ideologists have now weaponised your preferred private lifestyle that hurts no-one when done in an educated and respectful way.

However, don’t be ashamed, be aware of policing policies and what you are doing is obviously currently illegal in the United Kingdom.

A growing number of countries are decriminalising and/or legalising recreational drugs. The Global Committee on Drug Reform, the advisory committee to the United Nations (Sir Richard Branson, Nick Clegg included) has the facts and research as to why The War on Drugs has officially failed.

What rights can never be restricted?

Some rights can never be restricted. These absolute rights are absolute. Absolute rights are arguably extremely limited and include:

  • your right not to be tortured or treated in an inhuman or degrading way
  • your right to hold religious and non-religious beliefs.

A public authority can never justify breaching an absolute human right but they are and ignoring individuals when their actions are called out. Therefore these reported dating app interventions are an act against any person’s absolute human rights.

You may have never been in trouble with the police ever before, like founder Brian Penfold. The closest he came to trouble was at Legends Nightclub in Brighton circa 2007 where he was hurled into the manager’s office and accused of recreational drug use. He said they were mistaken and invited the manager to call the police or he’d happily leave because the security and incident had ruined his night with friends. The manager declined to call the police and brian was marched off the premises by security. He thought that would be the end of the matter as the managed didn’t opt to call the police as discussed.

So, this is what law England does to some great people just for recreational drug use. Recreational use that most probably will soon turn to inconsolable addiction due to these “stealth” inhumane CDRP (Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships) and CSP (Community Safety Partnerships) actions.

Despite our best efforts to highlight and complain about actions against LGBTIQ+ human rights, here in Sussex:

Shame on lord mayor of Brighton & Hove Alex Phillips remains silent to demands of disclosure of human rights.

Shame on Katy Bourne, the Crime Commissioner of Sussex Police remains silent to demands disclosure against human rights.

Shame on Dr Deborah Williams of the Lawson Unit/Elton John Research who resists help a male victim of a premeditated Chemsex rape recover evidence to bring their attacker to justice. She has the evidence to warrant reasonable help as suggest collusion between her department and the police against the victim. She ignores the human rights abuse disclosure since as reasonably requested by the Hero360 Project.

Shame on the Brighton LGBT Safety Forum (Company number 09611553) who are a permanent member of the Brighton & Hove Community Safety Partnership engaged with the council and the police for “Crime & Disorder”.

We are surprised these elected and bureaucratic women are not wanting to engage and resolve absolute human rights abuse when called out. What is happening within secret Community Safety Partnerships is against the law. We are gathering gender has no role when acting “in the interest of the wider community” – in law. The law isn’t always right or up to date.

If you are experiencing the above, or have some substance issues get in contact with us. We offer LGBTIQ+ support to help people know the facts and gather more facts on CDRP (Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships) and CSP (Community Safety Partnerships). We also offer assistance if your recreational use is spiraling out of control.

Authorities continue to gateway dangerous vigilantes to destroy awesome people’s lives through their current reckless policy on “substance misuse”.

Don’t let our authorities with current policy destroy your life too!

Our office hours are 4pm to 8pm weekdays, phone 01273 626622

Remember: If you are engaging in Chemsex in England it is illegal and current policing methods both on-line and within the conservative ideologist types within your community that are against any type of illegal drug use. These community authorities in law have the law on their side and are ignoring absolute human rights to torture and humiliate individuals with sometimes sexual rape.

Stay off dating apps, community do-gooders are weaponising Grindr, Scruff, Squirt etc. Community Safety Partnerships are also controlling the distribution of recreational drugs used in Chemsex. Much to our disgust, they are not offering low addictive drugs such as Ecstacy but solely distributing Meth Amphetamines.

A secret bureaucratic mess against human rights that the Police, Council, and NHS don’t want anyone to know about and protected in law to be spoken about “for the benefit of the wider community”.

Our government’s current policy and their “War on Drugs” is destroying good people’s lives in England, including here in Sussex without caution or charge. Don’t let it be you.

Know and trust who you are sexually engaging with – always. Here is a safety forum page by the Terrence Higgins Trust.

If your drug-taking is out of control (including alcohol) please sort help, here is a good London charity called London Friend.

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