Humanism, Mindfulness and the great outdoors with the dogs

Hi there all. I’m Brian Penfold and the founder of the Hero360 Trust. A unique charity that encourages mindfulness through mans’ best friend and the great British outdoors.

The concept came from my own life experiences where I had no support for my adult autism spectrum. Even best friends and family didn’t understand what was happening to me. Worse, I didn’t remember I was autistic. I had washed my childhood memory of diagnosis and treatment from what I can only assume as being ashamed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful that I have had a mostly high functioning life. But I am evidence that if you are not aware of your autism things can really go wrong in later life. I now embrace my autism which now brings me many more advantages than disadvantages. I’m wired differently, I like that and very proud of that also. I just need to remember what I am brilliant at and equally not so good with. Autism for me will never be a word to be ashamed of ever again.

More than autism, I’m a humanist first and foremost. All people are born good and with the knowledge of what is right and wrong. This is not religion but humanity. Arguably it is society that doesn’t understand the minority groups and which has the ability to segregate people from communities. Segregation of any type is not a healthy community whether deliberate or unintentional. If one person in the community is not equal, then none of us are equal.

We need to speak up for the minorities whether autism spectrum, homeless or LGBT youth. Kicking kids out of home because they are gay, #wtf. All of these people deserve more. There is not a one size fits all to mindfulness that is why there is such an epidemic. The Hero360 Trust offers non-judgemental mindfulness opportunities with dogs and the wilderness on England and Wales.

The charity is self funding through Brighton Dog Adventures. So if you have a dog in the Brighton Area please support us by entrusting us to give your dog the frolics on the South Downs and have some new doggy mates.

We also offer fund raising travel opportunities to remote areas of Latin America and Australia coming up from 2018. Come join us for a truly unique “off the beaten track” travel experience.

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