Hero360 Incentives – Larapinta Trail Australia

Finally, my ambition of a few years ago turned into a reality. When my mother passed I was filled with a void and thought a long-term goal could be great. I had no idea how I’d do it at the time but put my mind to it. Just a few years later with re-structuring my entire life and some careful planning, I managed to complete my goal of going “walkabout” solo in the Aussie Outback for nine days.

The experience was just like nothing I had ever done. Purposely I pushed my boundaries and comfort zone to the limit. Over a month later since arriving back in the United Kingdom, I’m still going through all the pictures and video. The GoPro footage is excellent and I’ll be sure to edit at my soonest quiet weekend. In the interim, you can catch some great pictures on Instagram and Facebook. Here are the social media links:

Instagram – hero360project

Facebook – Hero360 Adventures

There were so many highlights, often overshadowed by excruciating pain. An old car accident injury from my late teenage years almost ended my outback adventure. The weight of my backpack almost proved far too much. Trekking downhill was by far the most painful. With every step, I was in so much pain. The fact I was in the middle of nowhere kept me going. The excruciating pain wasn’t a reason that I could set my emergency beacon off for a rescue. On reflection, it was a great experience that I was pushed to my absolute limit. To such a limit also mentally to which on replection my life back in the UK made no sense . I concluded on this trek I had unfinished research  to complete. It later exposed a very rotten core.

Into the not-so-distant future, Hero360 Fund hopes to be sponsor incentives to some recovering homeless and autism spectrum. The Larapinta Trail will be one of five or so different worldwide adventure trekking options that we’ll offer as long-term incentives.

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