Truth is Key to Recovery

For me and I imagine for many others, living in your own truth is essential. When living in your own truth is stolen by stealth by bureaucracy, surely this is against human rights? One should be given the chance to defend themselves no matter the circumstance. With technology, are we are living in a part-dictatorship with no regard for human rights?

I now understand why my behavior has changed over a long period. I’ve been living for the best part of a decade living in Brighton and never understood why my personal life has ever taken off. I understand most of it now, it’s heartbreaking finding that bureaucracy has interfered in my life without telling me directly. .

In March 2019, I concluded research into my own life, I have discovered a form of conversion therapy has been running not just in person but digitally on all of my computers and devices.

My research shows that I have been included involuntarily (by stealth) into a “Preventing Crime Scheme”. What I can say is that I am still waiting for confirmation on this from the authorities. What I can say also, is that I have ever only been the victim of any pre-meditated actions. It consumed my entire life. With my research concluded, it gives me hope to close those chapters and getting on with having laws changed, helping less fortunate and/or enlightened people.

I have been driven so low by the police enforced actions and the health services who have collaborated I’m sure, I nearly lost my home and become homeless. In particular, if you suspect the authorities are not being honest and transparent, how can you honestly trust them or anyone for that matter. Being honest and transparent is the core moral of my integrity radar.

My understanding of society is that if you are not behaving in a lawful way, you’ll get in trouble by the authorities, Council, Police or otherwise. At least one would have the chance to explain and be answerable. Most of all, any individual should have a right to a reply. Otherwise, to secretly exclude a person not only traumatic but absolutely against human rights.

I am still waiting for a response from Sussex Police and Brighton & Hove Council (May 2019). My human rights have been violated beyond most peoples imagination. Often in the most repulsive inhuman way.

However, one must always take positives. This nightmare of experience has made me a very enlightened individual. Unwillingly, I am now an expert in addiction, with no thanks to Community Policing (and other authoritative factors) which kept me lower than low for so long.

I’ll happily challenge any academic with their figures and case studies to why they have done what they have done. It’s time for a pause and re-think before more innocent people commit suicide.

Hero360 Project and Fund have the solution with our “Addict to Awesome” which will take less than a month for most. I look forward to some prompt funding so I can prove that I know best from an enforced first-hand experience by authorities who have proven to me that they know nothing about what they are doing. My mother is dead, I’ll never forgive the authorities. Sadder, I’ll never forgive my family or friends for buying into the B.S. that almost killed me.

At least I have my best friend, my dog “Roo Penfold” who I owe everything.

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