It’s Hard to be Me

Cyndi Lauper’s (pictured above with me) 2007 song “It’s Hard to be Me” and the theme to her reality VH1 TV series “Still So Unusual“. The song relates well to my awkward ways and is a bit of headbang track. The lyrics and the noise within the song relate very much to my autism-spectrum brain. The noise is normally caused by other humans that don’t act in a reasonable or transparent way. It is constant and can affect my behaviour if unchecked.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud to be me but it’s a very hard journey to stand up for human rights especially when bureaucracy works in favour of “mob” rule. It doesn’t mean the mob or bureaucracy is right. The journey is more painful than pleasurable at times. But, how can I be part of a community that discriminates and doesn’t allow all citizens to have an equal voice?

If I speak about something, I speak from experience. I’ll have very strong opinions as I have lived it and know it back to front. however, my experience is unique and always eager to listen and learn further from other people who have lived a similar path and speak from their experience.

I really fear communities and neighbours that act against situations they have not experienced. For example, recreational drugs that are now decriminalised in a growing number of countries.

I never speak out about something I haven’t lived as I don’t have the experience or knowledge. I do like to listen and learn from people who do have the first experience with things that I have not experienced. Especially when it comes to mental health or equality. I don’t have kids but I care about the direction of humanity – not great lately with social media and dating platforms arguably out of control.

If you’ve been reading about my experiences I can assure you everything is very real and more. I look forward to updating via blogs once I have had disclosure regarding the community-policing that has been involuntarily forced upon myself. Only after then can I move on and help others in full capacity.

I look forward to that day and living in a kinder, more transparent world for everyone. Equal rights are human rights.