Without Caution or Charge


The Crime and Disorder (Formulation and Implementation of Strategy) Regulations 2007 Act




Diagnosed Autism-Spectrum as a child 1980 – Highly Functioning, successful and independent

Company Director – however previous company went bankrupt whilst under surveillance and unknown pre-meditated human interventions by authorities with their Digital CBT in 2016.

1998-2004 lived a great life in London after immigrating from Australia. As an autistic-spectrum person he found it very hard at first but eventually built an amazing friend network.

He also built a successful career travelling the world. Recreational research drug user on some weekends. In April 2004 he moved to Brighton to start his own travel company.

A hyper-empathetic sensitive autistic-spectrum person has never been in a physical fight in his life. He is a lover of all animals. Brian is a champion competitor of equestrian disciplines and a dog behaviourist. He has never hurt anyone in his life. When he felt he might had been out of line (with a lover, friend, stranger) he has always offered an apology and see things from both sides.

He found in his 20’s that MDNA/Ecstasy helped him to be socially relaxed and found he actually loved to dance, and sex was no longer awkward or disgusting, nor the fear of being sent to “hell”.

The MDMA/Ecstasy on the odd weekend unlocked something that gave him the ability to communicate much better in his general life as well as his work life. He makes no apology for his usage of past as it helped. He’ll argue for him, MDMA/Ecstasy is less a gateway drug than alcohol.

Brian has never knowingly been in trouble with the police. The closest he came to trouble was at Legends Nightclub in Brighton circa 2007 where he was hurled into the manager’s office and accused of recreational drug use. He said they were mistaken and invited the manager to call the police or he’d happily leave because the security and incident had ruined his night with friends. The manager declined to call the police and Brian was ejected from Legends Nightclub by security.

Around this time Brian remembers certain people within Brighton being over critical of recreational drug use in general. He thought it was quite narrow minded considering they had no experience of the positive effects it can bring to humans. Simply his view has always been drugs should be an educated choice for the individual whether alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, prescription or currently illicit substances. It is his opinion that substances should be made legal to eliminate the real harm of the life-threatening additives being used, as well as the stigma to those more enlightened.

With today’s arguably stressed lifestyles are breeding bigotry and social media self-righteousness – the effects of recreational drugs offer compassion and cohesiveness towards each other in communities. Not a bad thing, if people are educated and respect their substances of choice.

The masses currently will disagree with Brian’s views given the lack of information given by the authorities. Uneducated media on these issues also lead to hate crimes for recreational drug users, especially if that person has been indexed by the police and involving their community to tease.

Regardless of one’s view. Brian has never hurt anyone, and his experience has soul-destroying, degrading, abusive and torturous for a decade or so. Why? Police in Sussex for alleged Substance “Mis-use” under law in England and Wales which has led to the violation of so many of his human rights. He still doesn’t know where, when or why as the police, the council, the NHS remain silent.

A reminder that he is an over-empathic but highly functioning independent autism-spectrum person that has never had an agenda to be untruthful or not respectful to any person. Brian was raised as hard-as-nails in working class Newcastle, Australia. Good manners were “beaten” into him as a child.

Ironically that physical abuse of past, has served him well. Not only has he committed his life to be the opposite but unfortunately far too naive and trusting that community would take care of him as a nice bloke. The opposite has happened, he has been betrayed by authorities and his communities. He knows this traumatic treatment has never been warranted. He won’t give into relentless and abusive pressure from authority departments for him to give up his fight for the truth.

Without truth, as humans, we are then less than human or second class which is inequality. And how can one help others if they are not living within their own truth. The actual truth is this a hideous government sponsored initiative against recreational drug users. Government initiatives that turn recreational drug users in to addicts because of Sussex Police’s abusive management strategy.


Here are the warnings of the life-destroying experiences so other people don’t suffer as he has:

In most cases, multiple CDRP’s and CSP’s will be assigned to monitor your behaviours on social media and dating apps, locations and who you are with. You may also assign your police monitored drug dealer by CDRP and/or CSP partners.

Online you may have been excluded from dating apps without knowing. When online, you won’t be speaking to any potential partner but instead researchers, rouge vigilantes, real wrong people and maybe someone other innocent “lab rats” that have me falsely and recklessly placed into Club101.

You’ll also probably experience unrealistic, unreasonable actions from strangers or even your housemates, community and neighbours. At best it is meddling, at worse being bullied or abused.

Most health professionals (including mental health workers) will have an agenda of their own when you go to complain about this. An agenda to steer you away from the truth. They will want to talk about other issues from years past. Past experiences that are not relevant to your actual trauma. This will keep you in a loop of addiction.

At this stage, they may try or demand to start or “up” medication. This process of hiding the truth is life-threatening. Brian Penfold experienced these multiple times and reduced him such low levels.

It will cause you so much heart-ache and isolation (self-exclusion) from family, friends, and community. You’ll exclude yourself because they don’t help you with your complaints which makes you feel they are not being open with you as you’d expect.

Your frustration will turn to anger. Why? Because no-one is listening and being decent and human-like. Withholding disclosure that you are not imagining things or insane. But truthfully, you are “under surveillance” by the authorities as well as being “manipulated” by ruthless digital CBT.

If all the above is not enough. You are left alone within the city. At very best people might feel sorry for you but absolutely no respect. Your communities will gossip, and they all think you are a sick, dangerous, bad person. Some conservative righteous hateful vigilantes will act upon you.

Community vigilantes would have marked you as a bad person within their groups. They will act like they are a friendly stranger but only to intoxicate and/or drug you. When you are incoherent, they will abuse your trusting nature. They will co-hearse you into actions for their own evil un-warranted gains. They will also sometimes abuse you mentally, assult you physically.

Premeditated sexual attacks from dating apps by community vigilantes may happen. Vigilantes with lure you in through these platforms under false pretences. Drug you, then stay coherent themselves, then when you are not coherent only to mentally torture in order to humiliate you and trying to entrap you. This is sexual assault for their evil sadistic gains. Be rest-assured this is Rape but as you are LGBTIQ+ male, the health authorities may not think your experience is worthy of an emergency health assessment.

You will eventually want to take your own life due to this stealth intervention that you haven’t been cautioned or charged.  More importantly had the chance to question or defend legally.

You’ll gather information for the police to help you regarding these hate crimes, but they will be too busy and ignore your emails of requests for help.

You’ll gather more information as you know what is happening to you is not your own doing. You’ll realise that the police at some point in your life legally taken over your personal life by stealth and taken upon themselves to “reshape” (destroy) your life. You’ll ask for full disclosure, you will be ignored again by authorities.

As the authorities stay silent. Like almost in sync the vigilantes vigorously up their efforts to track you, intimidate you, assult you, rob you and try to entrap you into serious mis-conduct.

You’ll become very scared. Perhaps during one of the torture sessions from a pre-mediated sexual assult the perpetrator told you he kills individuals who “rat” to the police about their assult.

Now perpetually, you’ll want to end your life daily. Still the police stay silent to your reporting of these hate crimes you are reporting. You’ll feel so betrayed by authorities.

With no family or life-friends to turn to, you’ll hopefully stay strong as you know this circumstance is utter nonsense and other people are suffering too. You’ll be determined to expose this Crime and Disorder Act of 2007 and what our own government and police in England and Wales think is in the best interests for the “wider-community” in law.

So, this is the current reality for policing in England and Wales for some recreational drug users. This policy of enforced dark-web destroys good citizens functioning lives. This isn’t a war on drugs at our borders, this is a war on good citizens who find drugs work better for their health rather than say alcohol.

With absolute immediate effect this policing approach needs to exposed, debated and stopped.

The long-awaited reform to adult websites needs to be implemented with no more delays because of “unspecified reasons”.

Furthermore, the impending ID checking needs also at the same time be extended to dating sites. This will save murders, suicides, mental health problems and at the same time the platforms will know who the real wrong people are that troll these sites, they can be held accountable for their actions. There is a social responsibility for online adult and dating platforms to compliant.

The fact from this research is that our government in England & Wales and police policy are creating the mental health crisis here in England & Wales. There is no point adding money into the NHS for mental health if they have the wrong policies in place. Wasting taxpayer hard earnt money for taxes.

Brian is thankful he has now completed his own research and now able to explain this stealth intervention. What a waste of a decade or so of his life. Only recently since he discovered and identified this criminal law act have the NHS authorities in Brighton stopped demanding him to attend emergency mental health assessments. What a disgrace and a scandal this is to our society.

An unwarranted life-destroying experience over a decade or so. Absolutely his human rights and his good nature have been violated at the hands of the law, the police, the NHS and local authorities.

If authorities won’t listen to medical experts, ex-police commanders (Brian Paddick) and ex-addicts then what hope does our society have moving forward. We need to work with each other, not wage an unjustified, unnecessary invisible war on drugs with law with politics that is killing good people.

We need to join the progressive countries and states within the USA for better mental health and community cohesiveness.

Brian has lost enormous income and huge material damages (including loss of a company) caused by actions of this intervention over the last decade or so. This is an enforced attack of anyone wanting a liberal life and/or self-medicate. Religious ideology is heavily embedded into the current policy.

Brian was made an addict by this criminal law act, and then continued in the cycles of being an addict until he gathered enough information over the years. He gathered the information to rationally and factually expose the truth and whistle-blow this huge injustice that has been served to him and many other good perhaps mis-understood people.

Those who know Brian will vouch for his integrity, here’s a quote just recently from one of his old work mates from Sydney Australia:

“you have always been a shining example of what is possible no matter what has happened in your life. Be it sexuality, illness, family issues and discrimination. Understand that the people that have met you and know you and have worked with you. Know that you are a legend and a fighter, but we are saddened that you need to fight this is ridiculous situation”

Brian is deals with hyper-empathetic emotions caused from his autism-spectrum. He has never been the person authorities have portrayed to him to be to his neighbours, his communities, his clients and other peoples involved in multiple hurtful Community Safety Partnerships. Regardless, his previously good name is now tarnished forever which he’ll never recover from.

His legal battle with the authorities here in England and Wales for injustices past will continue relentlessly. Destroying good lives of decent people for the benefit of the “wider-community” is not what law should dictate without consultation or caution.

Brian’s case is utterly unwarranted, he has never hurt anyone in his life.

A nonsense in the first place without caution. Are we ignoring the fundamental values learnt from Hitler and his ideology or the better good for the wider population?

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