Full Legal Challenge

In Summary

A long list of human rights that have been violated without legal right to do so. It also yet to be proved that Brian was lawfully indexed by the police for substance misuse or anything else.

Only with full disclosure can he start to recover anything which might be what is salvageable from family and friendships past that have been destroyed over the past decade or so.

Only with full disclosure can her embark on his legal battle against this stealth intervention “rotten to the core” enforced by Politics, Police and the Health Authorities in England & Wales.

A full legal challenge will prevail against the police and hopefully an independent enquiry as a result. More than anything Brian wants our communities to know the truth so all can be openly discussed.

Brian hopes to gain full disclosure (in expediated time) from the authorities very soon so he can attend his grandmother’s 90th birthday in Australia this December 2019. With this he can he engage with any critical thinking family members.

His only birthday card this year and since his mother passed in 2015 has been from his grandmother in Australia. He can’t speak to her as how do you explain to an 89-year-old all this nightmare.

Brian knows he will win his legal challenge in advance without doubt given the facts that he is extremely decent and thoughtful individual and never deserved any slavery, torture or abuse etc.

Brian doesn’t know how he’ll mend broken trust with his neighbours he previously liked and respected. They have been involved in Community Safety Partnerships (CSP’s) and have taunted him.

Brian losing his travel company due to this enforced Criminal Act, he has founded a new company Hero360 Project & Fund which will serve LGBTIQ+ rehabilitation for substance misuse. The company also operates not-for-profit Brighton Dog Adventures which offers days out, trekking, camping, incentives and careers with dogs. He also owns bUte@40 Residence which offers three deluxe bedrooms for specialised residential rehabilitation.  www.hero360.org.uk is his project of love, his legacy to the LGBTIQ+ community.

Brian hopes to go to University of Sussex starting September 2020 for undergraduate course Law with Politics LLB. He will use this qualification so he can use knowledge to help others with the law.

Nothing Brian has ever done in his life could ever be justified by the devastation the stealth has caused to a person with sound morals, hard-working and a big heart and respect for the wider community and their own values to their own identities.

He’s always been respectful and calling out racism and misogyny when he hears it.

However different with a different spin to “family values” his money upon death will all go back into the community. Brian will recycle 100% of his acquired wealth back into the LGBTIQ+ Community and other good causes close to his heart like The Dog Trust where his best friend “Roo” came from.

Brian, a person who overcame huge obstacles as a child to over-come his autism-spectrum just to be dragged down to the gutter again without caution or charge. Playing games with people with learning difficulties is a hideous act for the “wider-interests of the community” in law. In addiction with or without autism-spectrum, playing games with people on substances is going to create much more mental health issues than is going to solve, not to mention the wasted taxpayer’s money.

Brian deserves for his misery to end. He will be entitled to claim compensation under the Human Rights Act for the loss of (and not limited to) his family, his life-friends, his company (edging just under £500,000 p.a.) and his dignity through these shambles of a policy adopted by law and the police in England & Wales.

His life will never be the same after this degrading policing enforcement policy. Even with clearing his name, some within his community he will always be bad person because of the authority driven lies, half-truths, exaggerated-truths and baked up-truths.

For his safety, well-being and peace of mind Brian is considering leaving his community of over 15 years in Kemptown, Brighton. The trust is broken with his neighbours and wider community in Brighton. Brian is a very up-front sort of person and he can’t live in a community full of lies and deceit.

Brian deserves the right to defend his absolute good nature without further obstacles of authorities refusing to give full disclosure. He will be also seeking an independent inquiry as a result to this government policy that continued relentlessly to destroys his life as he knew it and good nature.

In addition, Brian knows that many individuals including LGBTIQ+ world superstars that have committed suicide because of this joint worldwide drug policing programme policy.

The public deserve to know about how wrong our governments current policy is and how LGBTIQ+ peoples are being discriminated and vilified.

As important, the public need to voice their desire for adult platforms as well as dating sites need to be regulated immediately with user ID’s with no more delays for “unspecified reasons”.

It is essential our government and local authorities to be transparent, honest and be answerable.

No more deaths or misery because of bad policy.

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10Aug19 – *Pending minor adjustments once authorities are forced to give full disclosure