Brian & United Kingdom

I departed Australia to live in the UK, arriving Glasgow, 3rd April 1998. I hoped to live in Glasgow close to friends but found London was the sensible choice for career opportunities. I was lonely and financially poor for first 18 months in London whilst I found “my feet”. Never to give up easily, overnight it all started to be great. I started hanging with people similar to friends in Australia. Reliable, trustworthy and loads of fun and good times.

On reflection, engaging with so much fun and shenanigans was excellent for my autism spectrum. I had entire weekends being creative, dancing and absorbing the club music and after parties. All manageable with a great job. My work started to thrive with a good pay packet every month. I lived six outrageous year’s on the club scene whilst being very successful within travel industry. However, London’s hectic pace didn’t agree with how I wanted to live my life. I moved to Brighton in 2004. I started my own travel company in Kemptown which later sold just before the 2008 Global Financial Crash happened.

I’m sure that most people who know me well say that I’m: loyal; always speak the truth when asked, extra ambitious and I won’t suffer people’s nonsense or lies. Little did I know that my world was about to change and I’d have to perpetually suffer people. (Litigation still pending)

I like moral integrity, good manners, and non-judgemental liberal views. I am, however, naturally trusting as I like to take people at face value. This has hurt me incredibly in the past. I’m a straight-up sort of guy and so playing mind games is not something I entertain or enjoy.

Every individual should be counted. To be given opportunities no matter their sexual preference or gender identity. Broken hearts commonly come from family and/or community rejection.

I’ve re-learnt like in my childhood autism-spectrum, I feel most comfortable with animals. My trusty dog “Roo”, my rock, my best friend reliably listens to everything I say without looking bored or judgemental. In exchange, she indicates when she’s available for back and belly rubs. Simple and easy to understand.

Why Hero360? – When I die, I’m re-cycling my money back into the constantly “under-seige” LGBTIQ+ community.

When I pass from life, I aim to recycle my house and sundries to promote inclusiveness of LGBTIQ+ community projects as well as The Shoreham Dogs Trust where Roo and I met. I’d like to see the LGBTIQ+ community be sustainable and help people that fall, to give hope to injustices. I hope to encourage other LGBTIQ+ people to consider carefully to invest some of their wealth to sustain our community/lifestyle and continue to be more family orientated.

The fact is that conservative views of the LGBTIQ+ community have barely changed in 30 years, since I came out. The progress of law is essential for human rights. However, discrimination of LGBTIQ+ youth still occurs in mass worldwide. Families who ignore, taunt or abuse their son or daughter about their sexual/gender preferences they refuse to tolerate. Teenagers should grow as individuals. More than anything, be allowed to be their own personality with no parental expectations. In sync, communities should be encouraged to open their minds and hearts.

I’m excited and it hasn’t been all bad. I’ve worked very hard and assistance from government schemes has initiated some opportunities. I have a profitable company that can self-fund itself for helping the homeless, autism and others that would benefit from what we offer.

Most of all I have great dog buddies, awesome owner clients and an exciting blueprint for the Hero360 Project & Fund’s future. It’s a hard road, bureaucracy and other factors can get in your way, likewise you come across helpful people sometimes. For me, it’s all about living in my truth and eliminating anything (or law) that you know is hurting people unnecessarily.

Inclusiveness is Equality. The sooner all appreciate that – the better our communities and mental health. In the interim, you’ll find me helping those who are suffering unnecessarily.

Whilst out on dog adventures, I often think:

“I’d rather run free and lay in a paddock with wild flowers than preach hurtful nonsense from a distant rose-garden.”

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