Brian & Religion

In 2018, I decided I’d like to be active with HumanistsUK who stand up for human rights. Rational people who believe in answers in science rather than any religious dogma. Last September (2018) I donated £75 to the HumanistsUK to help to crowdfund to make religious GAY conversion therapy illegal in the United Kingdom. A subject close to my heart.

To me (and the majority of the population now), religious dogma has no lawful purpose in today’s modern world. However, it continues to be extremely well funded and discriminates against communities such as the LGBTIQ+ community.

For me, more upsetting is the religious and conservative LGBTIQ+ people who like to discriminate within their own community also. They should know how it feels to be discriminated upon.

I’ve always felt religious ideology is the reason for most the heartbreak in my life from an early age. My uncle is a born again Christian after his addictions from what I have been told by my late mother. Some people need religion for rules, I get that. But, at the same time, I find it very sad and individual needs to turn to a “book”

I’m not one of those people, I like to live in my own truth with solid morals. I instinctively know what is right or wrong. There are three or so things that are immoral, never to be challenged but the rest is up for life experiences. The simple rule is to just make sure you are respectful to others in the process. What two consenting adults do in private is no one else’s business.

When it comes to the homeless and other people in need, many charities provide awesome services. These charities are essential for where government and bureaucracy fails. Charities are quite limited for many homeless and other people living with substance abuse.

Unfortunately, some charities also have an agenda to ultimately coerce into accepting their fundamental beliefs. From my experience religion, causes far more problems than it helps to solve. Let humans exist without religious threats of evil and going to hell. There are also conservative LGBTIQ+ charities who should know better than to discriminate.

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