Brian & Community-Policing

Community-Policing causes so much trauma for the person it is supposed to protect. Do not sign up for any form of Community-Policing.

What is absolutely true, community-policing has cost me my great life that had beaten my autism-spectrum diagnosis from when I was a child. My dignity was stolen for no real reason. My company with a turnover of excess £400,000 p.a. even during the global financial crisis went down the pan. Community Policing has literally cost me hundreds of thousands of pounds sterling. I’m still in debt from when my last company failed. This mind-blowing amount I consider at this point of time, immaterial within the larger problem we are facing within our communities.

Community-Policing ranges from the self-righteous keyboard warriors from closed groups on Facebook to reckless vigilantes preying on LGBTIQ+ males. Also within the LGBTIQ+ community, are attacking others with their own self-righteous views. The police are paying through grants some community groups to do this – #WTF

Not only this but community-policing is happening digitally on selected people enforced by authorities without knowledge of the person, i.e. by stealth. The dark-web is enforced by the police and places innocent vulnerable adults in a “Club101” along with vigilantes, real “wrongens”, researchers and who knows who else? What is a fact, this is destroying good peoples lives with solid morals and who are extra hard working. It excludes good people from normal life and destroys every single relationship they have with family, friends, neighbours and the wider community. It’s absolutely disgusting and inhumane and violates human rights.

Whilst these community-policing tactics are destroying innocent lives they must be paused with immediate effect for open discussion. It is not humane and from my experience absolutely against human rights.

It is not the physical issue for most LGBTIQ+ males, it is the mental torture of being humiliated by an expert narcissist. As if most LGBTIQ+ males haven’t suffered enough abuse from a young age by their family, community, and conservative religious ideology.

Vigilantes meet up through social media under false pretenses. They rarely reach their objective as they are bigoted with their judgments and are reckless with their actions. They premeditate drug-induced torture to try to reach their objectives. This is real, it’s happening!

But for their innocent victims, the aftermath is a life sentence of trauma and suicide in worse cases.

The Police are directly answerable for backing these so-called vigilantes and disgusting practices.

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