Hello to the world of active (& aspiring) humanitarians

I want to be quite frank. First and foremost, English I just passed in High School! So, sorry for any bad spelling, grammar etc. I don’t have the luxury of a proof reader, so sorry for that too. I’m sorry for lots of things you’ll find. You see, I am ashamed to be part of our hypocritical and corrupt world most of the time. Yes, arguably I’m over sensitive, but I wouldn’t be any other way. So why am I blogging? I believe all us humanitarians can make a difference that are measurable. For example, my profession is tourism. I can design holidays that directly contribute back to the people of the less fortunate communities we visit. This is much better than lining the pockets government revenue and worse international corporate business. Depending on the government and “spin” of the time,  arguably communities gain very little from the “tourist” dollar. It doesn’t need to be like this and the solution is relatively simple and more importantly don’t cost anymore.

How? Simply distributing holiday funds to the right local businesses rather than international franchises. Eating in different local restaurants is key also. I consider food to be such an important element of each holiday. Think of a back-packing experience but add great accommodation, fabulous food and great activities combined with sightseeing. You have a Hero360 Adventure.

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