Brighton Dog Adventures

The Brighton Dog Adventures franchise is a huge supporter of the Hero360 Fund. £1 from every dog walk, every weekday is donated to our charity. Needless to say that Brighton Dog Adventures is an integral part of our financial operations.

If you live in the Brighton area and have a dog that could do with some good social interaction with other dogs please get in contact with Brighton Dog Adventures. By supporting them you’ll be supporting our charity and enable us to move on forward with our ambitions to help more people with mindfulness.

At Brighton Dog Adventures they believe in the following:

  • All dogs have a right to express their natural behaviour with other dogs once per day.
  • All dogs should be social with other dogs regardless of bred, size or background
  • A dog deserves the opportunity to have a good run every day.

Brighton Dog Adventures offers your dog:

  • Small Group Dog Adventures with a maximum 6 dogs
  • Each dog has its own compartment in the most comfortable transport known
  • One dog handler so that your dog has consistency
  • We return your dog as clean to your house from when we collected them
  • We’re professionally insured 3rd party if your dog causes a little trouble.

To find out more about Brighton Dog Adventures here is the secure website link: