The Need for Urgent Debate

With current legislation, stigmas within the community have formed and policing has allowed vigilantes to take control. Not just vigilantes against drugs, they will humiliate users by any immoral means to stop their use.

Research shows that right-wing conservatives are most likely to become vigilantes. They are using the permissions given by police to enforce their conservative agenda. They target minority groups such as the LGBTIQ+ community so they can step over normally legal boundaries.

This is inhumane but currently legal. What is clear, this is against human rights, against human morals and abuse of fellow citizens. In worse cases, rape and death are taking place by police-encouraged and tax-payer funded vigilantes “community policing” within the United Kingdom.

The need to be Rational – The need for Change

“The war on soft drugs” Ecstacy/MDMA is arguably not warranted and not in our society’s best interests. Youth are being supplied with impure and inevitably much harder drugs than they wanted in the first place. Dealers much more often than not, don’t have the best interest of the user in mind.

We can solve most of the drug dealing within a decade with the right people and professionals that have the know-how. Politicians arguably lack experience and/or education and/or compassion. What is certain they have no will to upset the community when a topic doesn’t affect them personally.

Urgently there is the need for focused factual political debate so we can stop the so-called war on drugs. There is no need for a war, it is an illusion just because no politicians are brave enough to take the steps to start prescribing, taxing and educating rather than enforcing the “war” and allowing unsafe narcotics on the streets.

Arguably, worse than unsafe narcotics on the streets is the “community policing” by citizens who have little education on the facts and harming vulernable addicts. They often don’t know if a person is autistic or not.

Addicts will stay addicts when on-going community-policing interference occurs with no explaination within their lives. Addicts know what is happenning even though no-one listens (or acts) when they complain. So in response to when no-one is listening, they will act in return un-reasonably.

To coin a phrase: “Treat a dog like a dog, it will act like a dog.”

Basically, if a person is treated as an under-class for long enough they will start to behave that way. There are some really bad practices in place.

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