Social Media

Keyboard Warriors, please stop trolling, you are potentially killing people, some of you already have. Serve a reputable community charity that does not support community-policing of any sorts. Help people face to face. Listen to them, educate yourself to their needs, not your perceptions.

Social Media with a current lack of legislation, serve little purpose to a cohesive community atmosphere. There is an urgent need for reform of social media and dating platforms. Any diligent government should have this under control for the sake of our communities and future generations. Meanwhile, minority groups, youth and the vulnerable are being exploited by online narcissists who are essentially given rights by our bureaucracy.

For example, every profile on social media should be verified by government photo identification including dating websites. This would eliminate fake profiles and trolls whilst preserving freedom of speech. More importantly, save lives on both social media and dating applications. Why hasn’t the government acted?

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