Sexuality & MDMA/Ecstacy

Recreational drugs (including Marijuana) are illegal in the United Kingdom. We would never advocate the use as they are not legal and with potentially toxic life-threatening ingredients that should not have been used in making the drug. Ecstasy/MDMA, if made correctly, would actually be safe for most people who were educated and were able to respect their use.

Arguably more life-threatening is that the police (in England & Wales) might decide to put you under surveillance without you knowing which may destroy your life as you know it.

Madonna in the 90’s started speaking about sexuality What does it take? why is it so hard to love? Sexuality is incredibly complex for many people if they are honest with themselves. MDMA can can help people struggling with their sexuality to enjoy being themselves with people they like. This is the reason MDMA was created orginally. Madonna was slammed by religeous fundamentalist for speaking about sex and bedroom fantasies. Madonna, defiant as always released a song in her next album called Human Nature.

There is no doubt the best sex is when two people are lucky enough to be completely in love. This doesn’t happen too often for most people. Also, sex can be very mechanical and without warmth or passion for many people – even those in marriage. This is why MDMA/Ecstacy was invented and prescribed back in the 1970’s. It was later made illegal by the UK government in 1977 as arguably as people weren’t educated correctly. However, it remains decriminalised in many countries including The Netherlands and Portugal for example.

Recreational drugs have been decriminalised in the Netherlands for over 30 years. Per capita, they are doing better than the United Kingdom in regards to any “problem”. Working with freedom of choice with good education seems to work and removes stigma within communities. Both Portugal and Netherlands have lower drug use (per-capita) than the United Kingdom.

The main effect of MDMA/Ecstacy is empathy towards others. With our modern world and how people are becoming so self-obsessed with their own needs, arguably, this could help many people be nicer and more considerate.

From research, recreational drugs can also enhance the sexual experience between two consenting adults. More so if a person wants to be with that person but unsure of their gender or sexual identity. This can give the same experience of actually being in love. What it does is eliminates the “nervousness” that a person may have and give an extremely sensual and fulfilling experience.

The fact is that a growing number of countries and states in the USA it is legal to practice sex in this way. Furthermore, people have been having sex in this way for thousands of years. Our ancestors used opioids for sex. The evidence lays in many ruins to this day within Europe and the Middle East. For example, the ancient ruins of Byblos in Lebanon show that sex with opium was a “high-class” ritual on special occasions.

What two consenting adults choose to do in private should be respected and not exploited.

Also from research, people struggling with their sexuality, recreational drugs can help them enjoy to be the person they are. Medical prescription for these people. With education and respect, it is not dangerous.

Likewise, and more so, the same can be said for autistic people. Autism-Spectrum individuals don’t have a choice on their diagnosis. They have the right to feel comfortable in certain social situations. not only the right to feel comfortable in social situations but with intimate situations like with sex. Rather than perpetually feeling awkward, a drug that can help some live a much better high functioning social life.

Also with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) medical evidence from 2018 by the British Medical Journal The Lancet Psychiatry found that after two sessions of psychotherapy with the party drug, officially known as MDMA, a majority of 26 combat veterans and first responders with chronic PTSD who had not been helped by traditional methods saw dramatic decreases in symptoms. Take a look here at these facts based on their trial.

All people should have a legal right to make their own informed choices.

Many professional experts believe if recreational drugs were made legal, with education, would be considerably less harmful than alcohol and tobacco which are currently legal. It would also remove the stigma.

Many people drink above the drink-sensible guidelines but still discriminate their friends who choose recreational-drug as what they judge as a better alternative for their own health.

Our laws are not consistent and need reform so people are not constantly being vilified for the use of currently illegal recreational use.

To add to the current stigma, there are anti-drug vigilantes and other undesirables trolling the internet ready to abuse mentally and physically people, and in worse cases sexual assault and murder. The LGBTIQ+ community is especially being exploited by the “gay-haters” and people confused by their own sexuality, who shouldn’t be a threat or confused!

To reiterate: Recreational drugs are illegal in the United Kingdom.

It’s not safe to be online and searching for like-minded people when it comes to recreational drugs or “Chem-Sex”. Don’t be naive and ditch those dating platforms until the government takes urgent action to reform these sites. There are vigilantes ready to destroy your life because of their own self-righteous ideology backed by current law.

WARNING IF YOU ENGAGE IN CHEM-SEX: The chances are that authorities have already placed you in “Club 101”, or officially known as The Crime and Disorder (Formulation and Implementation of Strategy) Regulations 2007

With this, the chances are you won’t meet anyone genuine. There are low-life vigilante trolls lurking within “Club101” (A.K.A. “The Dark Web” – regulated and monitored by authorities).

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