bUte@40 Residence

When the founder of Hero360 Project & Fund first bought this house it was “Love at First Sight”. He walked in and knew. He didn’t quibble with the price (much), he needed to secure the sale. Ironically he felt the same way about his dog “Roo” when he saw her at “Shoreham Dogs Trust” rescue centre – but that’s another love story, for another day.

Despite the advancements of law, LGBTIQ+ peoples are constantly under scrutiny by bigots and fundamental organised religious groups. Often LGBTIQ+ become the victim of bureaucracy budget cuts when authorities look for ways to cut their spending. These “one size fits all” measures can often lead to LGBTIQ+ peoples being victimised, excluded and worse taken advantage of and sometimes abused.

Our residency is based on the “True Colors United” charity in the United States of America. Co-Founder of this charity is humanist Cyndi Lauper, an icon to founder Brian Penfold from his teenage years when he was trying to discover his own identity. Brian felt so overwhelmingly different in his teenage years and even to this present day with his diagnosed autism-spectrum. Cyndi through her interviews and MTV videos gave him hope that it was OK and not shameful to be an different.

We offer our residence members security and hope of a “Home”. There are no time limits. Residents are welcome to stay for as long as they wish. The only provision is that they are contributing positively and follow some basic, transparent housekeeping rules.

More than a residency, we are a “family” of respect with transparent expectations of each other. A value that seems to have been lost in today’s modern digital world and wider society.

For example; Residents take a turn of cooking most nights and preparing the next days healthy lunches for all. We have a social evening once a week where dinner is paid for by Hero360 Project & Fund and a Pub Quiz to follow. Sunday night is always a roast for dinner. Residents are encouraged to invite one friend. That friend can be “a friend” or someone who might like some company. Whether a pensioner or a homeless person, we are delighted to have them as our guest. Ultimately our Sunday night dinners are a great way to group together and prepare for the work week ahead.

Our residents have options to follow the career path they desire. For residents that don’t have employment, they are required to volunteer at our core funding business “Brighton Dog Adventures”.

Residents always have the option if they’d like to pursue a career as a dog behaviourist. We’ll jointly fund an apprentiship with the local authorities and job centre.

Our programme costs new residents £17, 500 for the first year fully inclusive of food, LGBTIQ+ family and mentoring.

Within a year we’ll have most residents fully financially independent with no state hand-outs.

Our formula is transparency, opportunities, incentives, and inclusion.

We have an old fashioned style household were we share dinner together and share our day with each other, free of devices of course. Also, the only Playstation & Xbox in the house is in the main living area and only after dinner. Some residents might have a catch up with friends, that is cool too, just be back by midnight on weeknights. There is no agenda as such, residents just need to follow the reasonable house rules.

This includes a safe home, their own deluxe bedroom, food and meals, social events as well a hiking vacations locally and abroad. We incentivise with transparent goals and expectations. We are a team effort always.