Bureaucracy & Community

With our current laws in the United Kingdom, we have our community turning against each other. On one side we have people who are forthright anti-drugs even though some are a nuisance when they regularly drink.

On the other side, we have citizens who participate in willfully breaking the law to purchase recreational drugs (tax-free) from a dealer who also sells and offers no assistance to addicts on harder drugs.

Arguably, research suggests it’s in our communities best interest to embrace narcotics and work with potentially their benefits as well as problems. Our government needs to finally sensibly debate these issues and advantages.

Many countries in Europe and The Americas are working with the problem and leading the way. the way to avoid the “problem” is to allow people to make informed decisions about their own lives.

We as an organisation will always encourage debate about a more liberal society with a more effective and ultimately less harmful approach.

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