Addiction Truths

Let’s be clear that nearly all addicts are “self-medicating” for a trauma they have experienced. Often not helped by people’s attitudes. Substance abuse cannot be treated without treating the root cause of the trauma. If the root cause of the trauma is treated, the addiction drifts away in most cases relatively easily over time.

Not all drugs are as addictive as we are led to believe. A healthy and educated brain knows how to control recreational drugs and arguably harder drugs. It is when a person has a reason to be addicted to drugs (prescribed, legal or otherwise), alcohol, tobacco and/or gambling that addiction occurs.

FACT: Celebrities, the rich can legally acquire hard drugs in the form of fentanyl (many times more powerful than heroin). We need to be realistic with our approach – situations on the streets are no better (or worse) than 30 years ago, it’s really sad. Let’s get drug use into the open and regulate, it can be done and a lot safer and profitable to our economy than currently.

Many charities provide an awesome service and are essential for where the government and bureaucracy fails. Charities are quite limited for many homeless and other people living with not just substance abuse but autism etc. Some charities also have an agenda to ultimately coerce into accepting their fundamental beliefs. From my experience religion, causes far more problems than it helps to solve. Let humans exist without religious threats of evil and going to hell.

Addicts face harsh judgments which keep them low. They often find themselves manipulated.

Rest assured, all addicts want is to get better and to become their own proud person.

Living with one’s own consciousness and preferences is essential to a meaningful and faster recovery.

I would suggest having an agenda could violate anyone’s freedom of choice to decide what to believe. I have experienced bias and deception occurring within the Police, NHS and my own local community. In particular, single HIV+ gay men are being targeted and excluded from society by stealth. Not just this but they engage their neighbours into “community-policing”. It’s vile and leaves a person so heart-broken.

Consider this:

How many women who smoke, can’t kick their addiction, ever? Then when they learn they are pregnant, many kick their addiction overnight! That’s the human spirit! F#cking awesome, right?

Similarly, for many people who suffer substance abuse, this can be ditched overnight. Especially for amphetamines based drugs. Depending on the reason for use, amphetamines are much easier to stop than say Heroin, Crack or Spice. The public need to be told the truth.

Addicts need initially compassionate mentoring which to be effective is 24/7. Depending on the addiction, they can do it in as little as one night or a few weeks or months, Intense mentoring is key. Not wasting years and years and then wondering why nothing makes sense in their life. With impersonal methods, they’ll relapse over and over again.

With a personal approach, you enable an addict with transparent goals thus preserving their dignity and allowing development freely into a person they learn to love – themselves!

Unconditional love from dogs is for some, a kick-start into caring to engage with their feelings. Dogs give unconditional love every day, every hour. Dogs give genuine love and respect, most of all a loyal friend through the bad times. Combined with the outdoors, away from the city hustle a peaceful and healing environment for them to gather life perspectives.

A break in routine that I could have done many years ago. Someone to listen and not judge and able to help. This is my legacy to others who feel this might be great for them also.

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