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Science and awesome human spirits have everything we need to be an accepting world of equal opportunity for every community citizen. Laws vary within countries and also community perceptions and laws change over a period of time. What is illegal one century, is legal the next due to education. It doesn’t mean that our current perceptions or laws are necessarily correct or in the communities best interest.

Founder Brian Penfold has a story of autism, heartbreak, challenging sexual identity, recreational drugs, trauma and the usual obsessions with gay icons such as Cyndi Lauper, Kylie Minogue, Madonna and now Cher after seeing her live in 2018. He’s always supported the rights of other people such as women. It takes like-minded people to band together for equality. For example, LGBTIQ+ laws would not be as advanced as they are if it wasn’t for many awesome “straight” people helping the activists for equality.

Also, Brian feels deep sympathy (and even guilt as a white person) for indigenous communities across the world affected by colonisation. A form of colonisation still happens globally on a daily basis. These days it is just done in the name of “big business” for the “big boys”.

Brian as Australian born feels deeply that successive Australian Governments refuse to do more to unite. They take a very half-measured approach which sometimes does more harm than good.

However, come the 00’s and the social media revolution. The evolving right-wing conservatives now have a platform and we seem to be going backwards with civil liberties as social media narcissists are sometimes working around the law.

For Brian, conservative views, community betrayal, it has been unbearable at times. But it’s how you pick yourself up from the depths of this nonsense. It can leave one very lonely as Brian suffers no fools! He finds it hard to find people that are honest; open-minded; selfless; upfront; loyal; don’t take themselves too seriously and know how to laugh at themselves.

Our Hero360 Project charity is new and promises to always be evolving with input by our supporters. This is essential so we can serve the community in a transparent and productive way. Transparency is essential for the good of each and every individual that we help.

Humanism serves community

A humanist, by the way, is not necessarily an atheist. Humanists believe primarily that science has all the answers we need in our existence.

A humanist believes in equality. Not just race and gender, but sexuality and relationships. A humanist believes unconditional equality is fundamentally essential to cohesive and inclusive communities.

Our human morals and kind instincts were not invented by religion. In fact, religion adopted these human traits and quite rightly incorporated within their own establishment as good qualities to have.

Laws against human rights and equality should be fundamentally be made illegal globally. Human rights also include privacy and civil liberties. What a person decides to do with their body is their right, no-one else to judge.

Social Media & Keyboard Warriors

Keyboard Warriors, please stop trolling, you are potentially killing people, some of you already have. Serve a reputable community charity that does not support community-policing of any sorts. Help people face to face. Listen to them, educate yourself to their needs, not your perceptions.

Social Media with a current lack of legislation, serve little purpose to a cohesive community atmosphere. There is an urgent need for reform of social media and dating platforms. Any diligent government should have this under control for the sake of our communities and future generations. Meanwhile, minority groups, youth and the vulnerable are being exploited by online narcissists who are essentially given rights by our bureaucracy.

For example, every profile on social media should be verified by government photo identification including dating websites. This would eliminate fake profiles and trolls whilst preserving freedom of speech. More importantly, save lives on both social media and dating applications. Why hasn’t the government acted?

Monogamy & Heartbreak

People should always be honest with each other. Loving relationships take place between two souls who feel absolute love between each other rather than community pressure to be together.

Perhaps relationships are not meant to be forever? What is essential within relationships is honesty. Monogamy is healthy, however, reasearch shows it only works with true love.

One should be respectful if their long-term partner is honest enough to say they’d like to end their relationship before any dis-honesty takes place. The new law of “no blame” to end marriage was long overdue.

Sexuality & Drugs

Sex and sexuality can be complicated for many people. There is no doubt the best sex is when two people are lucky enough to be completely in love. This doesn’t happen too often for most people. Also, sex can be very mechanical and without warmth or passion for many people.

From research, recreational drugs can enhance the sexual experience without the need to be in love. This can give the same experience of actually being in love. The fact is our ancestors used opioids for sex. The evidence lays in many ruins to this day. For example the ancient ruins of Byblos in Lebanon. What two consenting adults choose to do in private should be just that and not exploited like LGBTIQ+ people were not so long ago. MDMA is still manufactured and prescribed in some European countries.

Also from research, people struggling with their sexuality, recreational drugs can help them enjoy to be the person they are.

More so, the same can be said for autistic people. Autism-Spectrum individuals don’t have a choice on their diagnosis. They have the right to feel comfortable in social situations rather than feeling awkward. medical MDNA/Ecstacy need to be seriously discussed and the UK needs to be a globe setter with mental health and do it better than anyone else.

We should have a legal right to make their own informed choices.

Many professional experts believe if recreational drugs were made legal, with education, would be considerably less harmful than alcohol and tobacco which are currently legal. It would also remove the stigma, arguably mostly from people that drink above the drink-sensible guidelines.

Our laws are not consistent and need reform so people are not constantly being vilified for the use of currently illegal recreational use.

To add to the current stigma, there are anti-drug vigilantes and other undesirables trolling the internet ready to abuse mentally and physically people, and in worse cases sexual assault and murder. The LGBTIQ+ community is especially being exploited by the “gay-haters” and people confused by their own sexuality, who shouldn’t be a threat or confused!

It’s not safe to be online. Don’t be naive and ditch those dating platforms and apps until we have legal reform of social media in general.

Recreational drugs are illegal. We would never advocate the use as they are not regulated and toxic life-threatening ingredients could have been added.


Let’s be clear that nearly all addicts are “self-medicating” for a trauma they have experienced. Often not helped by people’s attitudes. Substance abuse cannot be treated without treating the root cause of the trauma. If the root cause of the trauma is treated, the addiction drifts away in most cases relatively easily.

Not all drugs are as addictive as we are led to believe in the media. A healthy and educated brain knows how to control recreational drugs and arguably harder drugs. It is when a person has a reason to be addicted to drugs (prescribed, legal or otherwise), alcohol, tobacco and/or gambling that addiction occurs.

Harder drugs should be decriminalized which would see the end to drug dealers and discomfort to communities and their streets. Our fallen angels could turn to professionals rather than the dealer who offers no help.

Celebrities legally acquire hard drugs in the form of fentanyl (many times more powerful than heroin). Some parents are abusing their children’s Ritalin prescriptions. We need to be realistic with our approach – situations on the streets are no better (or worse) than 30 years ago, it’s really sad. Let’s get drug use into the open and regulate, it can be done and a lot safer and profitable to our economy than currently.

Bureaucracy & Community

With our current laws in the United Kingdom, we have our community turning against each other. On one side we have people who are forthright anti-drugs even though some are a nuisance when they regularly drink.

On the other side, we have citizens who participate in willfully breaking the law to purchase recreational drugs (tax-free) from a dealer who also sells and offers no assistance to addicts on harder drugs.

Arguably, research suggests it’s in our communities best interest to embrace narcotics and work with potentially their benefits as well as problems. Our government needs to finally sensibly debate these issues and advantages.

Trauma Caused by Vigilantes

With current legislation, stigmas within the community have formed and policing has allowed vigilantes to take control. Not just vigilantes against drugs, they will humiliate users by any immoral means to stop their use.

Research shows that right-wing conservatives are most likely to become vigilantes. They are using the permissions given by police to enforce their conservative agenda. They target minority groups such as the LGBTIQ+ community so they can step over normally legal boundaries.

This is inhumane but currently legal. What is clear, this is against human rights, against human morals and abuse of fellow citizens. In worse cases, rape and death are taking place by police-encouraged and tax-payer funded vigilantes “community policing” within the United Kingdom.

The need to be Rational – The need for Change

“The war on soft drugs” Ecstacy/MDMA is limiting supply and youth are being supplied with much harder drugs than they wanted in the first place. Dealers more often than not, don’t have the best interest of the person in mind.

We can solve most of the drug dealing within a decade with the right people and professionals that have the know-how. Politicians arguably lack experience and/or education and/or compassion. What is certain they have no will to upset the community when a topic doesn’t affect them personally.

Urgently there is the need for focused factual political debate so we can stop the so-called war on drugs. There is no need for a war, it is an illusion just because no politicians are brave enough to take the steps to start prescribing, taxing and educating rather than enforcing the “war” and allowing unsafe narcotics on the streets.

Arguably, worse than unsafe narcotics on the streets is the “community policing” by citizens who have little education on the facts and harming vulernable addicts. They often don’t know if a person is autistic or not.

Addicts will stay addicts when on-going community-policing interference occurs with no explaination within their lives. Addicts know what is happenning even though no-one listens (or acts) when they complain. So in response to when no-one is listening, they will act in return un-reasonably.

To coin a phrase: “Treat a dog like a dog, it will act like a dog.”

Basically, if a person is treated as an under-class for long enough they will start to behave that way. There are some really bad practices in place.

Hero360 Project & Fund – We’ll pick up fallen people whilst championing education, facts, human rights, and political change

LGBTIQ+ people are falling victim to community policing by fellow citizens with opposing views to their lifestyle. Sometimes, this can happen within the LGBTIQ+ community itself, individuals have opposing views.

Current Community Policing is out of control with no transparency. Human rights of good people are being violated by self-righteous “do-gooders” with nothing else better to do but to enforce their view with the authority and arguably hurtful and narrow-minded views of bureaucracy.

The Hero360 Project & Fund is a new charity, and we are also going to champion political change for better inclusion by communities. We’ll also help those affected by homelessness, exclusion, addiction and/or autism.

How we pick people up:

Dog Education on the South Downs as well as apprenticeships that can lead to Dog Walking Careers.

For regular attendees of dog education on the South Downs, we also offer Weekend Trek Adventures away. Not only in parts of England and Wales, but as well as across the channel into France. Dog also welcome!

Our “Addicts to Awesome” Adventure Holidays are a world game changer in the way we successfully treat most people in need.

We also offer Residential House Share Recoveries for those people who think it might be an excellent option for their recovery.

We help and protect LGBTIQ+ individuals (as well as friends of the LGBTIQ+ community) that have fallen victim because arguably their communities let them down at some point. We also will be vocal championing human rights for all members of our communities and encourage inclusion. Let people be free to be their own individuals.

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