How we help

The Grab Clarity program offers a range of opportunities which can be flexed to meet people’s needs;

(a)          Grab 360 Clarity – Weekend 10mile trek & lunch

Aimed at people who’d like to benefit from a short break away from their daily urban lives. We host, through Brighton Dog Adventures, people in need to a visit and walk in the South Downs. Participants will be accompanied by a dog specialist and several dogs that they are caring for that day. If the attendee has their own dog then they can also bring them along for the adventure. Whilst on the downs we also offer education so that attendees understand what keeps a dog healthy and happy, so they can apply to their own dog (or potential new dog).

(b)           Trek 360 Adventures – Multi-Day Camping Treks

For interested regular attendees of our Grab Clarity programme we offer two day, or more, overland rambling expeditions with dogs to different parts of England, Wales and furth afield across the channel to France. We provide all the essentials of camping equipment, transport and food. A perfect goal setting incentive and accomplishment at the end.

(c)           Dog Behaviourists – Career opportunities

For interested “Grab Clarity” attendees we help with employment within the dog caring industry. We help to qualify attendees within the programme to set up their own dog franchise business. We also then help them stay successfully self-employed caring for dogs including guest dog expert courses.

(d)           bUte@40 Residence  –  Residential Family & Mentoring

For interested “Grab Clarity” attendees we help with employment within the dog caring industry. We pledge to help at least 75% of peoples from addict to awesome within 1 month. We then further pledge to have 75% of these people employed full time and fully independent of state hand-outs within 1 year. We offer three deluxe bedrooms for specialised residential rehabilitation.  This project of love is Brian’s legacy to the LGBTIQ+ community in Brighton & Hove.

CONTACT: Weekdays 2pm to 8pm: 07507 337599