About Us

Dog education and the great outdoors.

Hero360 Fund is a humanist LGBTIQ+ (Lesbian; Gay; Bi-Sexual; Transgender; Inter-Sex; Questioning) /GSRD (Gender; Sexuality; Relationship Diversity) charity that helps all participants equally without religious or community prejudice or pressure.

Hero360 Fund offers both short and long-term opportunities and incentives for rough sleepers, the homeless. recovering homeless and the underprivileged. Opportunities to escape their urban routine to view Brighton from a distance on the spectacular South Downs Way National Park; at the same time learning and gaining experience about dogs.

Dogs are undoubtedly an excellent form of natural mindfulness therapy, they are both playful and enjoy relaxing, which can help in reducing stress, easing loneliness, help with conditions such as anxiety and depression or other mental health issues for humans. Dog’s also encourage exercise for people, which is good for general health and wellbeing, can provide structure and routine to your day and can be a great way to meet new people too.

H360 Fund’s “Grab Clarity” programme offers bespoke dog education opportunities on the South Downs through fun, active and educational interaction. Participants can bring their own dog along but don’t need to own a dog themselves to enjoy and learn about them.

Whilst walking dogs on the South Downs, we encourage attendees to become both physically and mentally fitter, embracing their own well-being in a modern stressful world through a broad range of outdoor activities and endurance levels. We also offer education about caring for dogs and meeting their requirements to remain a healthy and happy companion.

All our programmes are one-on-one as well as small group outdoor adventures with dogs.